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SimBio-M 2009 - summary

The first one was held at Juan les Pins the 1-3 July 2009.
· More than 250 persons interested
· More than 120 registration
· 75 participants
· Website: 5.226 visitors, 12.880 pages visited (4.700 sponsoring pages)
· 1 page with google (SIMBIO, SIMBIO-M), 1 page in Yahoo
Included students, professors, industrialists, software developers ...

This first one was a success as shown the main statistics:

1 means "very poor" - 5 "excellent"

1 means "very poor" - 5 "excellent"

1 means "very poor" - 5 "excellent"

1 means "very poor" - 5 "excellent"

1 means " very poor" - 5 "excellent"

1 means "very poor" - 5 "excellent"

1 means "very poor" - 5 "excellent"

Welcome Cocktail
1 means "very poor" - 5 "excellent"

1 means "very poor" - 5 "excellent"

1 means "very poor" - 5 "Excellent"

1 means "very poor" - 5 "excellent"

What were your main objectives when attending this event ?

How well did the event meet your objective overall ?
1 means "not at all" - 5 "Completely"

Would you recommand SimBio-M to your colleagues ?
1 means " not at all" - 5 "absolutely"

Some quotes :
“Congratulations for this first event! I'm waiting for the next one”
“I was really surprised by the high technical level and the quality of the presentations”
“Excellent conference with nice opportunities to interact - nice organisation”
“This first conference is a success. Congratulations to the organization team”
“Thanks a lot for this really nice conference so well organized” ...

5 keynotes speakers presented the state of the art and a very interesting overview of their work:

Prof. Jeremy RAMSDEN
Chair of Nanotechnology, Cranfield University, UK

Dr. Dominique CESARI
INRETS, France

Dr. Hervé Delingette
Research Director in the Asclepios team, INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis, France

Dr. Peter Zioupos
Reader in Biomechanics of MaterialsCranfield University

Prof. Carl-Eric Aubin
Full Professor, Dept. Mechanical Engineering, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Montreal, Canada

Mr. Enda Minnock, Cranfield University, UK
“Simulating the Passage of Ultrasound Through the Phalanx”
Enda Minnock (a), Peter Zioupos (a), Keith Winwood (b), Lars Mulder (c)
a Biomechanics Lab, DASSR, Cranfield University, Swindon, UK
b Dept of Exercise & Sport Science, Alsager Campus, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
c Dept of Biomedical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Miss Pauline Gerus Institut des Sciences du Mouvement E.J. Marey
University of the Méditerrannée France
“Hybrid numerical methods for estimating muscle forces”
Pauline GERUS, Guillaume RAO, André JACQUES & Eric BERTON

The specific award from Altair : Miss Virginie Astier, INRETS LBA/ PROTOMED, France
“Finite Element Simulation of Humeral Intramedullary Nailing: case of Torsion Loading”
Virginie Astier, Pierre-Jean Arnoux, Lionel Thollon, Frédéric Mouret, Christian Brunet